Smell of Steel

I wiped the sweat from my brow with the sweatier-still back of my forearm, unable to escape the boiling air around me. I glanced over to my forge-mate, saw that he was taking a breath too. He flashed me a grin of metal-capped teeth and lifted his hammer in greeting. I grunted in reply. ‘Gotta …

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Free Boat Ride

Sally had been obsessed with mermaids ever since she saw a human face at the bottom of the beach when she was five. Every school assignment, creative writing task, art project or discussion with friends was devoted to the creatures. Now, at the age of thirty, Sally was a self-proclaimed mermaid expert. She knew almost …

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Metal Guitar Order

We got an interesting order at the steel factory today. Usually, we’re making things like steel beams and all sorts of fabrications that are used for buildings. In my time here, we’ve certainly had our fair share of odd orders, but this is definitely a new one. I mean, we’ve had people requesting that we …

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