Metal Guitar Order

We got an interesting order at the steel factory today. Usually, we’re making things like steel beams and all sorts of fabrications that are used for buildings. In my time here, we’ve certainly had our fair share of odd orders, but this is definitely a new one. I mean, we’ve had people requesting that we help them build giant, moon-shaped battle stations, swords and even a robot or two. But in all my time at the steel factory, nobody has ever asked us to build a guitar made entirely out of metal. At first, my boss said there was no chance we’d be able to do it, mostly because he wouldn’t know the first thing about making a guitar. The thing is, I do.

Honestly, I’m not sure why making a guitar out of metal didn’t cross my mind sooner. I might have to make one for myself as well. So yeah, while I’m usually helping fulfil orders on behalf of our business for steel supplies near Melbourne, today I’ll be making an awesome guitar. It’s a great idea since guitars have so many bits of metal on them already. You’ve got the strings, the knobs, the frets, the tuning pegs and the little things you wrap the strings around. All I’ve got to do is build a body and neck out of metal. Should be easy!

Let me tell you, when I came to work for the best Melbourne steel fabricators, I did not think I’d be doing something as cool as this. It’s totally sick, dude. I bet the person who made this order is going to use it to play some heavy metal music. A guitar this cool certainly deserves to be used for such a radical genre. One day, I bet I’m going to go to a concert and see the lead guitarist rocking out on the very instrument I am about to make. That would be pretty epic.