Sore Feet

I’m running to a job interview right now. I’m not the one being interviewed, in fact, I’m actually joining the panel of staff who will make the decision about whether or not we take on the candidate. It’s obviously really important that I’m on time for the interview, because it won’t look good if one of the hiring managers hasn’t bothered to show up on time. The issue is, I’m just in so much pain!

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a number of bad foot conditions. Cheltenham has a lot of rough terrains that are hard on the feet, and I spend so much time walking and running on them. For example, I’m running to work right now and I can’t even run at a fast speed to get to work in time because I’m in so much pain. I used to be able to run 5km in 25 minutes, which made getting to work a breeze. Now I can’t even run to work in 35 minutes. I didn’t realise how bad my foot problems had become until right now. I knew I needed to get to work quickly and I thought I’d be able to run at my fastest pace if I tried to. Seems like that’s not the case and I’m going to be late for the meeting. 

I’m going to have to speak with my podiatrist about this. I am the patient of a highly qualified podiatrist in the Cheltenham area. It was hard for me to get a spot with him, but thanks to a couple of cancellations I was able to get in. I will never cancel an appointment with him because I wouldn’t want to risk losing my spot next time. Especially now that it’s clear that my feet aren’t getting any better. My podiatrist and I have more work to do.

I’m almost at work. Thank God. I’m late for the candidate interview but I’m very obviously limping now so I won’t look like I’ve ditched it because I don’t care.