Roses Running Away

We took Abby’s phone so we could update all her fans on our journey to freedom. She’s been keeping us locked in a bunker for days, claiming that the world is about to end, when in reality it was probably saved by some superhero a long time ago. It’s time we take destiny into our own hands and make our way to the surface again. So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Just as soon as we work out how to open this first door. It’s a tricky one, but we’ve got our pair of thornless roses on the case, trying to get through the locks. It’s pretty hard when we aren’t rooted in soil, though, so this may take a bit of time. Come on, come on… There! We’re out through the first door and making our way up the stairs. Abby, of course, is screaming for us to come back. There’s so much danger out there. We won’t survive the meteor. But we know that she completely lost it ages ago. She can’t be trusted.

Now we are at the next door, which has a password. We’re all screaming possible passwords for Number 4 to enter, but none of them are working. What could it be? “I love my roses?” No. What about, “Flowers are pretty cool”? That didn’t work either. “I like to plant miniature roses”? That’s it! That was the one! Now we just have to get through the house and enjoy the world outside! We’re almost there! Through the door, out onto the street, ready to enjoy the fresh air and the clear blue—

Oh. Oh, no. The meteor is still above us. Abby was right! It’s about to crash into the Earth and destroy us all! We should have listened! Oh, Abby, we’re so sorry!

I guess we should’ve trusted the woman who loved us so much.

Well, this sucks.

– Rose Number 1