Best Friend’s Recommendation

I love driving. After my teenage years spent taking crowded, dirty buses, having my own car seems like a true luxury. Cruising along the highway in my own space with the windows down, a light breeze ruffling my hair – who could ask for anything more? It was all perfect until my car started having problems. It received a bit of kerb damage last week, which I guess messed with the wheel alignment and stabilisation. I was turning a corner when my car suddenly stopped. I pressed the accelerator so hard I thought my foot would snap off, but nothing happened. It didn’t move an inch.

Ugh. Now I would have to find a local car mechanic in my area to fix it. What a bother! And worst of all, I know I caused this myself. Accidentally, of course, but I still did it. I’ve never been good at parking, and I guess running over that nature strip last week didn’t exactly help matters. I called my best friend, who could recommend a mechanic for me. He promised he could get me an appointment as soon as possible. Best of all, I’d get the ‘refer a friend’ discount, which meant getting my car fixed would be more affordable than finding a mechanic through my own research.

Not long after I made the call, a young man who looked strikingly similar to my best friend arrived in a truck. The side of the truck claimed they were the best wheel repair services Adelaide has to offer and honestly, I believe them. He fixed my wheels in barely ten minutes, and even offered to take a look at my air conditioning and brake for free. What a legend! He tried to refuse that I pay him the full amount because of the discount, but I made sure to slip some notes into his bag. After all, he was reliable and trustworthy. I’ll definitely be using him again if my car breaks down!