I Want A Tribe

I’ve always wished that I was in a tribe. How cool would that be? Running around with my band of brothers like we’re some sort of wolf pack. That’s the type of relationship that I’ve always craved and I want so badly.

There was this movie series that was really popular in my youth and it really played into my obsession with being in a tribe of brothers. They were metaphorically and literally inducted into the wolf pack one by one. They were accepted for who they are and their acceptance was made obvious with a physical tribal tattoo inked on all of their left shoulders. I wonder who the tribal tattooist was who they got to do all of their tattoos, because whoever it was did a fantastic job.

Ever since watching that movie I’ve hoped and prayed that I would wake up one day and find out I was a part of this band of brothers that I never knew about. I wished that my ancient ancestry had made me part of this legacy that no one knew about, but was very much real. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and when I expressed my thoughts and feelings to my mother, she told me that nothing like that would ever happen in our family. I was devastated.

And so I’ve had to settle for getting my own tribal tattoo design from an established tattoo shop local to Brisbane. I know what you’re thinking. Did I really think that as a local boy from Brisbane I’d be able to be a part of this club? Nothing special ever happens to anyone from Brisbane. I’ll admit that the tattoo artist did a fantastic job. You’d have no idea that I wasn’t a part of a tribe just by looking at the tattoo. I guess people thinking I’m in a tribe is almost as good as being in one? Ugh. Who am I kidding?