My Husband’s Grandfather

Last week, my husband and I helped his grandfather move into his new house. He’s been living close to the city for pretty much his whole life but has recently said he would like a bit of a change of scenery. We decided to move him to the outer suburbs, about a ten-minute drive from where my husband and I live. It’s beautiful out here, filled with leafy green trees and not as much traffic as the inner city has. He’s going to love it.

Anyway, I had to go and look for an NBN technician near me to get my husband’s grandfather all set up in his new house. He doesn’t really need much; it’s not like he’s going to start building a computer or mine crypto or anything. He really just wants to be able to send emails to his friends and family back in Italy and watch funny videos of cats. And of course, calling us on the phone to come over and hang out whenever he’s bored or wants a free meal cooked for him. He’s been a wonderful support to us over the years, so I’m more than happy to help him out in return with small favours or large ones alike.

One of those small favours is something my husband’s grandfather has already requested, and that’s a new flat-screen television. We got one on sale from our local electronics shop and packed it into the car to bring to his new house. The next thing we have to do is find some of the best TV wall mounting installers Melbourne has to offer and put in a request for one of them to come out to the house and install the television. Usually, you can just put a television on top of a miniature table and plug it into the nearest power outlet, but this house has a slightly strange design, and in order to make it look good it has to be properly mounted onto the wall above the fireplace. I’ll update this blog soon with more television fun.