One Hot Day

‘Jeanine, could you answer that please?’ Frank called in the direction of the ringing phone, fanning himself with a meaty hand as he leant against the wall. He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead as he looked out of the window, sun beating against the asphalt car park. Groaning, Frank unstuck himself from …

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A Solar Book

I’ve been reading this fantasy book lately that is really big on solar energy. In the book, these two female protagonists are searching through a solar energy power plant to find the bad guy, and they learn a lot about solar energy along the way. It seems like it’s written by someone who is heavily …

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Commercial Solar Spy

After an hour of sneaking around the facility for Commercial Solar Systems, Maphira was starting to think they wouldn’t find anything of importance. It was time to try something desperate: break into the break room. It wasn’t so much breaking in as it was walking in there, but she thought breaking in sounded more interesting. …

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