A Solar Book

I’ve been reading this fantasy book lately that is really big on solar energy. In the book, these two female protagonists are searching through a solar energy power plant to find the bad guy, and they learn a lot about solar energy along the way. It seems like it’s written by someone who is heavily involved in solar energy and who has a vested interest in its success. I’ll admit, I’ve learnt a lot about solar power reading the book and I have become very fond of the characters as well. So far, it’s a 10/10 read and I really understand the benefits of solar power for business as a result. How cool that books can simultaneously educate you and keep you entertained for hours? I’m very impressed.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any spare time to read the book which is bothering me quite a bit. I really want to know what the characters are up to, but I just don’t have the chance to do so. I wonder what whacky adventure they’re on at the moment and what they’re learning about solar power. It seems like every mistake they make, every villain they conquer and every time they take a step in the right direction, there is some hidden message about commercial solar systems or something of that nature. 

I think educating people through fantasy books is a great way to improve the general intelligence of our population. When I first picked up the book titled ‘The Power of Women’, I had no idea that it meant it so literally and figuratively. The book is focused on solar power, two powerful women and so much more. I love the book! I can’t wait to read it again once I have the time to read it. 

Maybe I’ll go read some of it now in secret, because we all deserve to indulge a bit when we want to.