Buying An Apartment

I’ve heard of this big development in the Western Suburbs that I really want to buy into. I am a first home buyer in Melbourne and I have been doing my best to find something that fits my budget (also known as the money the bank is willing to lend me). Along with fitting my budget, I also want the property I buy to be new so that it lasts me at least thirty years.

I heard about this big development in a local newspaper that I read. I’m usually against big developments but that was before I realised just how difficult it is to enter the housing market. Sometimes people have to change their views on life or go against their morals in order to succeed in life. That’s why you don’t often hear of the big billionaires doing good in the world. They are too committed to making money to start making ethical decisions. 

Anyway, after reading about this big development in the newspaper, I decided to call a buyer’s agent in the Armadale area to help me navigate the buying process. I currently live in Armadale which is why I chose a buyer’s advocate near me. I didn’t want to work with a buyer’s advocate in the Western Suburbs just in case I decided not to buy into the development. I didn’t want the advocate to be really adamant about me buying in the West, which is why I decided to choose an advocate in an area that I know and love. In an ideal world, I would buy in Armadale… but it is not an ideal world.

Upon my discussion with the buyer’s agent located near the Melbourne CBD, she said that she thinks it’s a good idea that I look into buying an apartment in that Western Suburbs development. She said that it has been developed by a highly-esteemed national developer who has just become a billionaire and that it would be a good place to start my property journey.