A Mother’s Worry

My daughter started her subject selection journey with no idea what she wanted to do when she finished school. Now, despite my best efforts, my daughter has decided that she wants to work in community nursing. I absolutely don’t want her to do this. Not because community nursing isn’t a great career – it certainly is. My only concern is that it will be too much for her. She has such a big heart and obviously, community nursing and being a disability service provider comes with a lot of challenges. I’m worried that she will get attached to the people in her care and really struggle to let go. She’ll be a mess if something bad happens to someone she cares for. 

I know my daughter would do such a good job as a community nurse. She would rightfully treat every single person in her care with respect and make sure that they spend their days in pleasant comfort. She would be incredibly attentive and kind. Every single person would get the care they need and she would go above and beyond for people. I am proud just thinking about it. But I can’t help but worry that she will struggle. When you care for people so deeply, it can be extremely difficult to watch their health deteriorate or even worse, pass on. This is an inevitable part of the job and something I’m afraid my daughter won’t have thought about. 

To her credit, she has been researching all types of disability support and she thinks she could be suited to ongoing support coordination. Adelaide young people are often really invested in themselves so I am proud of my daughter for wanting to put others first. I feel like this whole blog post has just been a rant about how I’m proud of her and think she will succeed but being too worried to let her do it. Luckily this is my personal blog and it doesn’t really matter if it makes sense or not.