We Need NBN

As a business owner, I have more than enough on my plate to deal with. Every day something pops up that needs my attention and I am the only one that can fix it without the business falling apart. It probably isn’t the best business model, but when you have such a small business these things happen. 

My employees are actually mad at me at the moment because they say I’m always causing bottlenecks. They think that I don’t trust them to do their job, but when they’ve shown me time and time again that they can’t make decisions without me, what am I supposed to think?

One of them is particularly angry at me for not allowing them to get a second monitor. I don’t really care if they’re mad to be honest, not my problem and if they aren’t happy with me saving money then that’s on them. Besides, I have to have a technician specalising in commercial data cabling come in and fix our cables and data. I’m not entirely sure what all of that means but our tech guy said we needed it done and so we’re getting it done. Surely my subordinate understands that I can’t spend money making her happy and increasing her productivity. I have money to spend on other things.

I have also employed NBN installation contractors local to the Melbourne CBD to come in and install NBN. I’ve held out for as long as I can to save on costs, but I have to bite the bullet and get it done now. That’s more money that needs to be spent. I don’t think my employees will be getting Christmas presents this year. It’s not like they can work anywhere else or find a job easily, so they’ll just have to put up with it or learn to navigate a world of unemployment. That’s business, baby. Bye!