Royal Restaurant Visit

I’ve been watching the news a lot recently. I never used to, but I’ve come to realise that I really do enjoy learning about what’s going on in the world. Of course, a lot of it is negative, but with the rise of social media algorithms, I have been able to curate my feed to display only the things I’m actually interested in. Recently, I saw an article explaining how the royals might be coming to Australia for a tour next year. Well, they’re technically not royals anymore, but they do use their royal titles quite often anyway. I’m not totally sure what you’d call them, but I’ve spoken to my friends and all of us still consider the pair to be royalty.

Anyway, this news article has inspired me to find a glass window replacement service as soon as I can. I have decided that I would like the royals to visit my upscale restaurant when they come to Melbourne next year. My business has already received a number of extremely positive reviews from well-regarded reviewers in the industry, but having the royals come would be publicity on a scale I’ve never even considered before. 

I can picture it now: video interviews on all the major networks, thousands of fans lining up outside my restaurant, posts all over social media with my big neon sign in the background. The reason I want to hire a specialty glass company is that the glass in my restaurant is pretty old and cloudy. In particular, the one aspect that needs a bit of extra work is the glass balustrade. Melbourne has been hit by a few hail storms recently, and my poor balustrade is now littered with holes. It’s clearly a safety hazard, and before I can even think about updating my menu in preparation for the royal’s arrival, I need to first make sure my customers and staff are safe. I take my job really seriously. I hope that comes across to the news reporters when I’m interviewed.