Wallpaper Renovation Ideas

I am renovating my bedroom today! I literally cannot contain my excitement. It’s had this ugly yellow wallpaper on it ever since I moved in, but my parents never let me change it since they said it was too much effort. Now, I’m finally old enough to do it myself. I went into this gorgeous local wallpaper store in my area the other day and picked out my favourite wallpaper styles. I even bought them using my own money. I feel like such an adult.

The first design I got was this lovely flower self adhesive removable wallpaper. It’s extremely colourful, and I just know it’s going to look great in my room alongside all my colourful knick-knacks. I was talking to the friendly and professional shop assistant, and she was telling me all about the wonders of removable wallpaper.

It’s apparently a super DIY-friendly option, as it doesn’t require all the cutting and trimming and fiddly process that traditional wallpaper has. For me, as I am not a professional, I really appreciate it when companies simplify products like that. However, according to the shop assistant, the best thing about removable wallpaper is that it is easy to remove. Sounds crazy, right? Basically, if I ever become bored with my design, I can take it down very quickly and without much fuss at all. Because of this information, I also picked up a butterfly wallpaper design while I was at the shop. It’s not as colourful as my flower wallpaper, but it is extremely beautiful. It’s going to go into storage for a little while until I figure out exactly where in my room I should use it. My room is massive, so I have more than enough space to put two different types of wallpaper up. I’ve even looked up design ideas on the internet to prepare me for this new interest in interior decoration. Stay tuned, as I’m going to post some pictures when I have the finished product!