Visit From The Designer

Wow, I don’t have long until the wallpaper lady arrives. I’m a very picky and extravagant person, as you would have picked up from my last blog post. I only want a style that is bold and if I see any wallpaper that is in any way boring, I’ll throw it in the bin. I’m not here to live a mediocre and boring life. What’s the point?

Anyway, that’s why I’m having the wallpaper designer come to my house. From my understanding, this isn’t something she normally does seeing as you can buy ocean wallpaper online but I told her how important it is to me that I choose the perfect wallpaper for my home and she offered to show me each design in person. I am very grateful but I’m also planning on spending a significant amount of money so I’m sure it will be worth her while. 

Ah, I’m late to let her in. I’ve been out shopping for furniture and accessories for my home and I lost track of time. I always lose myself in old op shops, looking at all the antiques and gaining inspiration from them. Almost my entire home will be furnished with second hand items. Talk about quirky. But anyway, I probably shouldn’t have gone shopping right before I was supposed to meet the wallpaper designer, but I did. I guess no one is perfect. The sales just caught my eye as I was walking past. It’s not really my fault.

I’m running behind schedule now and I’m going to have to make up time. I hope she can discuss each unicorn wallpaper designed in Melbourne quickly and efficiently. I want to see each design as its own entity in a space near my house. I don’t want to leave anything up to the imagination. I have a fantastic imagination but quirkiness is an art that has to be properly curated and decided on.