Conveyancing Forever

“This house has a lovely bathroom. I can tell you’re the kind of people who adore a great bathroom – that’s exactly why I brought you here. I was sitting at home last night when I had this great realisation. ‘Tim and Nick, yeah, they’re the kind of guys who would want a nice, modern bathroom.’”

No such thing had happened, but she found that people liked it when they believed she didn’t forget everything about her clients the moment they walked out of her office. Rylee continued to guide the two men along the tour, regretting every decision that had led her to this life.

Offering a full-service house purchasing package wasn’t everything she had thought it would be. She was playing the role of real estate agent and worked closely with another company of buyer’s agents and conveyancers. She had not studied conveyancing near Collingwood like the other people she contracted with had, but according to them, it was one of the finest institutions for learning about property law. Working as a real estate agent had kept the Mechanists off her back the last few years, but she’d never actually wanted to get into this business. She’d hoped her old vigilante agency would get in touch by now. No such luck.

“And here we have the master bedroom. Great lighting, incredible size. I’m sure you two would make great use of it.” She sighed. “I’ll take you to see the kitchen next. Then if you’re interested, I’ll take us to the conveyancing firm based in Elwood and print out the paperwork.”

Unfortunately, freelance vigilante work simply wasn’t what it used to be. And after she’d screwed up her last mission – which Jameson had been hesitant to give her in the first place – it seemed they wanted nothing to do with her. So, she’d have to keep selling homes to make a living. 

“So, what do you think?” she asked the men as they finished the tour.

The two looked at each other with wide grins, giving a firm nod each.

“We’ll take it.”