Sewer Rat Adventures

It was Tuesday during rush hour, and the sewers of Melbourne were alight with little feet and swishing tails. Remy had been scurrying all day, travelling non-stop to deliver the finest cheeses to his rat customers. After years of working in the delivery industry, he knew the sewer roads well, and he knew they were never this busy. He twitched his whiskers. Something was amiss.

Finally, Remy stumbled upon a traffic jam where a group of rats were huddled around the entrance to a pipe, shouting. Remy pushed his way to the front and demanded an explanation. Apparently, a pipe had become blocked and was causing a glugging sound and major traffic delays around the city. Remy sighed. All they needed was a plumber who understood blocked sewer pipe repairs. Melbourne sewers were notorious for blockages – surely anyone who travelled through the pipes regularly would know this already? Since the surrounding rats were apparently incompetent, Remy got out his rat phone and dialled someone he trusted: a qualified plumber.

Paul the plumber arrived thirty seconds later. He was already in the area, so all he had to do was scurry to the nearest storm drain and slide down the pipe until he reached the underground system. With him, Paul carried a suitcase full of equipment and cleaning supplies which he had used to fix hundreds of drain problems. It’s important to never ignore when you have issues in your home, especially blocked drains. Camberwell is a relatively well-to-do area aboveground, but underneath the human city streets, it was rife with poor plumbing choices. Luckily the rats had someone like Paul, whose advanced techniques could unblock any drain.

Remy ordered the group of rats to move aside and let Paul get to work. Halfway through, Sally began crying as she was worried she wouldn’t get home to look after her children before the family cat returned. Remy handed over some cheese to comfort her. In the end, Paul was quick and efficient, and the traffic jam was unblocked for another day.