Preparing for Kids

Ben and I are planning to renovate. When we first bought our house, we knew it was old and outdated and we were ready for a challenge. We were always planning to renovate eventually. The only reason it seems like we’re all of a sudden starting to rush is because we want to have kids soon. Once they arrive, it’ll be too stressful to do a full renovation with loud noises and no running water, all while a baby cries and tries to sleep. Or, even worse, if we let the child grow to become a toddler and we have to worry about keeping them away from exposed wires and nails. No, that’s the last thing we would need. 

Last night, I started doing proper planning and had a look around to see what the average bathroom renovation cost is. The bathroom is the first room in our house we want to update, and we were convinced it was going to be expensive. After all, we need a full suite of changes, everything from tiling and mirrors, to lighting and sinks and showers. We thought we’d be forking out a ton, but to our surprise there are actually some really affordable options out there.

One article I found featured several bathroom design ideas for Melbourne homes, and it was a really comprehensive document detailing everything from preparation and price, to the actual ideas themselves. I definitely took some inspiration from it. At the moment, Ben and I want a really chic, luxurious bathroom with modern fixtures and tiling. We want to knock down a wall to create extra space in the room but before we lock in that plan, we want to bring in a consultant to check over wires. The last thing we need would be accidentally hitting something super important and destroying the house forever! I’ll make sure to update this page once I know more.