Kitchen Design Consultant

After planning my home renovation for more than two weeks, today I’m finally starting my kitchen design plan. I’m so excited – in my family, the kitchen is truly the central hub of the home, where we gather to share stories over food. I have so many amazing memories of my current kitchen, but it’s become outdated recently. It’s small and cramped and I’m pretty sure there’s mould growing in one of the cabinets. Now that I’ve started my home catering business, it’s just not sufficient for my needs. So, an update it is!

Knowing I couldn’t revamp it myself, I sought out the best kitchen design ideas Melbourne has to offer in the form of an expert consultant to help me with my planning. I spoke to her over the phone and she seems really knowledgeable, like someone who understands not only interior design and functionality, but also the plumbing and lighting needs of the kitchen. I’m currently thinking black marble, to keep it sleek and modern. Shiny black benchtops, black cabinetry with gold knobs and fittings. If I’m lucky, I could even find a golden fridge, but I feel like that would be pretty excessive – and most likely very expensive. I just know that my kitchen renovation will be the envy of everybody who comes to visit. I can’t wait to see the look on Linda-from-across-the-street’s face when I show her the redesign. She was bragging about her new stainless steel sink the other day, so it’ll be brilliant to shove it in her face. 

Today my consultant is taking me on a little showroom tour to get an idea of what we can achieve together. I’m not fully set on the colour of my kitchen yet, so hopefully seeing a few kitchen varieties helps. After that, we’ll reconvene at her office and start sketching a floor plan and locking in designs. I’ve seen my consultant’s portfolio and it’s insane. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do for my family’s kitchen.