Glass Apartment Building

I’m officially a homeowner! Well, technically an apartment owner, but it’s going to be my home nonetheless. Last week I bought a spacious studio apartment in the CBD. It’s in a huge residential complex situated within a commercial area of the city, which means I’ll get to enjoy a lovely morning walk to work every day. Although my apartment isn’t a penthouse, it’s still pretty high up, so my balcony has been fitted with frameless glass balustrades. Melbourne has some of the best buildings in Australia, and since my apartment is in the middle of the CBD, I’m perfectly placed to admire them all. The apartment is beneath the cloud line, so it’s not too cold, and the afternoon sun shines through my windows into my dining room, leaving a lovely warm glow in its wake. I can’t wait to invite my friends over for a fancy dinner party!

The residential complex is perfect for a young professional like me. There are shared facilities, including rooftops, gyms and pool areas, and everything’s modern and clean – including the stairwells. Like most modern buildings, there’s a lot of glass around this place. My apartment offers free glass window and balcony replacement whenever you need it. Considering how many people are around our building at all times in the city, I would have expected to feel a bit unsafe. Luckily, my residential complex owners have taken care of that too. They’ve installed security glass at the main entrances and the common areas, and all my windows are made of tinted glass so that I can see out, but nobody else can see in.

I feel like moving into this studio apartment has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s only been a couple of days, but I’m excited to make some new friends and to really make the space feel like my own by decorating it properly!