Freezing cold

Well, it’s safe to say the winter has kicked in full force! I’ve spent most nights this week absolutely shivering. I’m someone who lives in pyjamas, and when multiple layers of flannels and a thick bathrobe don’t do the job to contain the shivering, you know there’s something wrong. I often wonder how people in the olden days would cope with the cold weather. I doubted they had ducted heating systems to keep them warm. Those castles must have been freezing. I’m sure every room would have needed a fireplace. Not that my style of living is any different right now. All week I have been waiting for heating repairs. Canberra loves to suddenly turn very cold in winter, and I find it absolutely unbearable. My family all think that I am a serial whinger, but maybe I am just more sensitive to the cold than they are?

I think they forget that I spent two years living in Spain, so I have grown accustomed to barely having any winters and simply roasting in the heat and sun each day. Moving back to Canberra was hard for me because there was a lot of adapting that needed to be done. There are no local beaches here, there’s no 2 p.m. siesta where everyone takes a few hours to have a break, and there’s definitely no urge to enjoy a nice party. I guess it’s my own fault for moving back, but I was missing my family a lot and my job no longer needed me. Spain will always be there though and I can always go back. Due to my parents knowing how fussy I am, they have hired the best repairman for ducted heating repairs. Canberra is the home to many politicians, and a lot of them are very fastidious about the services they receive. If this repairer is good enough for the politicians, then this repairer is good enough for me. I just can’t wait to feel warm again and not have to wear four jumpers and three pairs of socks.