Dreaming of Holidays

I’m bored. I just want to get out of here and go on a road trip with my best friends. Road trips are really underrated in my opinion. Like, they’re so much fun. I love everything about them. I love planning road trips. I love getting a car service in the Morayfield area in the couple of weeks before the trip is planned to make sure my car is in the best possible condition. I love the night before when everyone is excited and packing. I love getting in the car really early in the morning to spend the entire day driving. I love the music that gets played for twelve hours straight. I love the moment we get out of the car because we’ve finally arrived at our destination. If you can’t tell, I really love road trips. 

If you also can’t tell, I’m hectically daydreaming right now about going away and spending time with my friends. Summer is coming up and it always gets me so excited for the holidays. I’m sitting at work right now trying to look busy and like I’m not bored. It’s a difficult feat seeing as I have a feeling my boss knows that I don’t want to be here. She’s commented on the fact that I keep looking out the window, which is so awkward. Like, I’m here and doing my job. It’s not my fault they give me about 4 hours of work that I have to do for 8 hours. Obviously, I’m going to get bored and stare out the window.

Obviously, I’m going to reminisce on the time that my friends and I had to get a last-minute car air conditioning service close to Morayfield before we went on our road trip, because it randomly broke twenty-four hours before. Like, even though that was stressful at the time, I still look back on that experience fondly, because going on road trips is so much fun!