Final Property Interviews

Well, I can’t say that the last batch of interviews went super well. A lot of conveyancing stuff again, but that’s fine. If that’s what the people need to give advice on, that’s what they need to give advice on. I was just hoping for more things about real estate agencies or buyers’ advocates, I suppose. Oh well, let’s just get these last three over with. What (inevitable) conveyancing advice do you have to share with us today?

Sam: You want advice about conveyancing? Oh, okay. I had a whole story prepared about some of the other pitfalls people can fall into when buying a house, but I suppose I could talk about conveyancing instead. Umm, well, conveyancing is pretty important I guess. I got my conveyancing lawyer in the Highett area, and I thought they were pretty good. But I’m sure you could find a good conveyancer anywhere, especially south of Melbourne. I don’t know, I don’t really have much more to say on the topic. So, I suppose I’m done.

Trish: Yeah, I’m kind of in the same boat as Sam. I had this whole thing prepared about how the true value of a house is in its location, rather than its appearance, but if you want me to talk about conveyancing, I’m kinda stumped. Obviously, it’s a pretty important part of the process, conveyancing. Prahran has some good conveyancers. That’s where I got my conveyancing lawyer, at least. But yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s the hardest part of buying a house or anything.

Jordan: I’d say that if you had to choose a good conveyancer, a good real estate agent to deal with or a good buyer’s advocate, you definitely want to be choosing the good conveyancer. The last thing you want is for the legal elements of a property sale—such as the settlement—to go poorly.

Well, I suppose that’s on me for being sarcastic over text. Not a good idea. Oh well, this series is over now, so you can all just go home or whatever. I don’t even care anymore.