Melbourne Office Design

I found the perfect office space to convince all my employees to come back into the office. Just to clarify, by convincing I mean hold them to their contracts without complaint, but I do want it to be a space that they find attractive. I don’t actually care how functional the space is, but if it is properly designed by a professional renovation company, I’m sure it will be functional. 

The space itself is incredible. You can tell that the renovators take Melbourne office design extremely seriously, because the whole floor is expansive to give employees plenty of room to collaborate. The kitchen is stunning and there are at least three different areas where my employees can relax on their breaks. Hopefully, they’ll also be encouraged to hang out after work so that I can foster a real sense of workplace friendship. The longer they stay the more likely they are to keep working too. I wouldn’t complain about that. If I’m paying them, I want to get as much out of them as possible. That’s capitalism, baby.

You should see the commercial office fitouts in the Melbourne CBD office that I’ve chosen to buy. They’re seriously a step above anything else I’ve ever seen. You can tell the people that designed and renovated the office space really knew what they were doing and took the time to design a space that would be perfect for employees. I know I said that I don’t care about functionality, but I received a highly functional space just because the design is so well done. 

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to sign all the papers to officially buy the space. I’ll be sending pictures of the office to my employees in the coming days to get them hyped. Most of my employees haven’t even met yet, so I’ll mention that I’ll be throwing a big mixer to get everyone familiar with each other.