Brother’s Ute Canopy


My brother is honestly the worst person that I’ve ever met. I feel bad for saying that but it really is true. He’s been tearing my family since he could walk and now he’s 22 and still hasn’t done anything to improve any of our lives. He doesn’t care about us. He doesn’t have a job. All he does is play video games from 3:00pm when he wakes up to 6:30am when he goes to sleep. In the meantime, he either screams through my work meetings or keeps me up at night. I seriously don’t know what my family deserved to get him in our lives. 

I know all of this sounds really mean coming out of my mouth, or I guess typed on a blog post, which is why I usually try to refrain from talking about him. My dad should never have given him that half canopy. Actually, I digress.

I’m just especially mad at him this morning and I needed to get this off my chest. Last month he lied to my entire family and said that he got a job as a tradie. We were all shocked and proud of him. My dad was so proud and eager for him to keep the job that he even went out and bought my brother a brand new work truck with premium ute canopies. Melbourne tradies all have them, and my dad wanted my brother to fit in. Little did we know that my brother would later throw this act of kindness back in my dad’s face. I guess we should’ve expected it, though. 

It was just last night that we found out that my brother had been lying about getting a job. Apparently, he’s just been leaving early each morning for the last month to sleep at a friend’s house. I don’t want to tell you guys how we found out in case it gives away our identity, but we are devastated.