Brand New Home

My husband and I are spending our first night in our brand new home. Now, the house isn’t actually brand new but it’s new to us, which I think means the same thing. We spent months trying to find a house that would be perfect for our future family, and we found that any house we liked ended up going to a higher bidder. It wasn’t until we spoke to a buyers advocate local to Malvern that we actually got anywhere. I’m so glad we did, because now we’re finally spending the first night in our new home.

Tonight was supposed to be perfect and it was, until I started being violently ill about an hour ago. I feel so sick. I can’t keep any food down and so our first night in our brand new home has been ruined. Tonight was supposed to be the start of the rest of our lives, and instead, I’m lying in the fetal position because if I move then I’ll vomit. This is torture.

I’ve been imagining how incredible our lives would be together for so long. I’ve had so many conversations with my buyers advocate located in the Melbourne CBD about mine and my husbands’ futures. I’ve gone into detail about what our day-to-day lives would be like and I thought that tonight would be the start of that.

I know this whole blog post sounds a bit whiny and like I’ve never experienced any real problems in my life, but I have. This was going to be one of the only things that was happy in my life. I needed this.

I know that life goes on and that we will get to have plenty of nights together in the future, but I wanted our first night together to be perfect. I guess we can’t always get what we want. I just hope that from now on every night is perfect with my husband.