Roses not poems

Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate writing poems, how about you? My mum is the English teacher for my local high school and she is absolutely obsessed with books and poetry. I could not think of anything more boring. Especially poetry. It doesn’t even make sense. People think poetry is something that is beautiful and romantic. Honestly, I just think it is lame. I hate it with a passion. My hatred for it probably comes from my mum always forcing me to enter the yearly poetry competition. I don’t get why she forces me to do it. I suck at it anyway and never win. Yet when I want to enter a competition for growing miniature roses in Australia she says it’s a mindless competition that will have no real benefit. She must be delusional! Rose growing has heaps of benefits. It gets me outside and in the sun for a start. Unlike poetry which involves me being cooped up in my house. Gardening keeps me active and gives me something to really look forward to. I love watching the plants grow. They’re kind of like my kids. I’m only sixteen years old and I don’t have any pets or siblings so growing plants and flowers sometimes feels like the closest thing I’ll have to a sibling or child. 

I always buy seeds online as I feel there’s more variety online than if I were to go into a shop to buy seeds. I do find it quite hilarious that my mum mocks me and gets annoyed by my gardening hobby, yet whenever someone compliments our garden she loves thanking them and gets all flattered. Well, I got news for you lady, it’s my garden! She’s never had an interest in gardening or plants. She’s always too busy inside with her books and classical music. Now, before everyone starts criticising my mum I think it’s important for me to say that she’s incredibly supportive of my hobby. She gives me an allowance each week that helps fund my gardening habit without me having to dip into my pocket money.