Warrior Ritual Pro Custom Leg Pads

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Warrior Ritual Pro Custom Leg Pads

Black & White graphics made with weave leather that adds a one of a kind finish. These beast are sized at 36+2″ (please see attached size guide)

Extremely light weight. Made in Canada.

Normally $1499 on sale!

  • Pro level sizing and construction in a lightweight package
  • Exclusive bindingless construction allows for a lightweight pad while increasing durability by taking away the typical wear points on the pads
  • Rounded boot eliminates friction with the ice
  • New “Knee Leveler” stabilizes the knee landing area providing a continuous landing surface
  • Adjustable strap position offers a greater degree of strap placement customization
  • Internal hinge design allows for flexibility through the knee and ankle while providing a sturdy structure to prevent pad shrinkage and settling
  • Exclusive post wedge panel provides increased protection to the outer calf while helping to seal the pad to the post when standing up with knees bent
  • Exclusive hinged knee design allows the outer portion of the knee cradle to twist when going into a butterfly, allowing for a smooth rotation with minimal stress on your straps
  • Sliding toe bridge allows the pad to be worn snug at the toe, creating a more responsive feel while allowing the full range of movement for the skate to drop to the ice during a butterfly, thus reducing stress on the goalie’s ankle, knee and hip
  • Squared up design creates a complete seal across the ice when in the butterfly
  • Thin thigh profile allows the tops of the pads to overlap each other when in your stance and moving on your feet, thus increasing mobility
  • Exclusive “tabletop boot construction” allows the boot to sit and move on top of your skate, increasing mobility and coverage

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 30 cm


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