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The Attack Triangle PRO is one of the best training devices to develop stickhandling, moving the puck around a defenders skates and creating great scoring opportunities in game like situations. The Attack Triangle forces players to develop their puck skills in tight areas and improves their stickhandling ability.

  • The interactive Attack Triangle is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick.
  • With the open “lane” between the simulated skates and extending stick, the Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills, stickhandling ability and an understanding of passing lanes.
  • By using the Attack Triangle at home or in replacement of ordinary cones at practice, players naturally start working on more creative “moves”.
  • In addition to providing more interaction than cones during practice on ice, the Attack triangle comes equipped with mooring pins which virtually eliminate sliding.
  • The Professional Attack Triangles come with extra cleats (spikes) under the legs and stick to hold better on the ice. They also come with 2 fasteners to attach the legs that hold it together that the basic single units don’t have which keep the Attack Triangle from coming apart.

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