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Roller Skate & Roller Derby

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Roller Derby & Roller Skate Fitting Guide

skater-on-bench Getting the Right for skates, no matter what type of skate they are is a very hard process and in this guide we will try to provide the best ways to fit yourself up for skates. The best way to fit skates is to go to your local skate shop and have a professional fitting. This in Australia is not always possible, with the lack of shops that offer this service is very few. Having to rely on information you find online is very hard as well, are you getting the right size for the brand of skate you are looking at??? and are there any other features you should be aware of with that brand that may be different to another?

With all of these questions the internet is a great place for information, but sorting out the right information can be hard sometimes too. What we want to do in this guide is explain the best way to fit Roller Derby Skates. Derby Skates are slightly different to normal roller skates as they are a lower cut boot, which does change the look and feel of the Skate.

They are almost always made of Leather, top end skates above $300 on average will have real leather, and below this average will have synthetic leather. If you are thinking that the leather wont make much of a difference, it does make one of the biggest changes…. Not just to the look, but also the performance of the skate over time and also if they are able to be modeled to your feet e.g. stretched like Ice Figure Skates. Also the durability of the skate and comfort.


Correctly sizing roller skates is a very important part to the buying process. A correctly fitted skate is going to be more comfortable and supportive. An ill fitting roller skate can lead to poor performance, sore feet and not wanting to skate. Correct fitting will allow for better support, greater power transfer, more control and most important! best comfort of the skate while using. In this guide we will go over correct sizing of skates for Men, Women & Kids. Knowing sizing tricks and break in times information and the cortrect sizing charts.


General sizing information

brannock_deviceThe majority of Skates are going to fit the same as your shoe size. If you wear a size 7 with you everyday shoes, a size 7 skate will most likely fit. Most brands of roller skates will make their skates fit the same as popular shoe brands to make it easier to size.


The first fitting of your skate may feel like they are too snug. There are a few tricks that you can do to make sure they are indeed the correct size. When first trying the skate on, check to see where your toes are. Best is to be standing as if you are going to skate, with your knees just bent a small amount as if you were skating. This is the position you will be using them in and will allow your foot to move back, locking the heel correctly into position and moving your toes off the front of the skate. If your toes are just touching the front of your skate, this is ideal. If you have to curl your toes these are too small, in this position this will cause a lot of pain and make you or your child not want to skate.


Kids sizing

Fitting kids is always a hard issue, as the do grow so fast and at the time of fitting/buying the may fit perfectly but a week or a month later they maybe too small…

Have your kids put the skates on and check the foot position. While the laces are lose move the foot to the front of the skate and check how much room behind the heel. There should be a pencil to a finger width room at the heel for growth. If there is any more room then this the skates will rub and cause support and other comfort issues. having check the skate this way is always best, as the visual is the only way to make sure the kids feet are not too small. If you are to use the compression of the toe box area to check, some skates have quite thick leather or toe guards that create issue to checking the position of the toes. (Ice hockey skates and Inline skates are bad for this as they are hard plastic materials in these areas, for fitting of these check our other guides)

some brands offer adjustable skates, which are great for those growing feet. But even with these the above should be used as a guide to fitting. When the child’s toes are touching the end when they are in the skating position and no room behind the foot, the skates would required to be upgraded to suit there feet.


Roller skate width


The majority of roller skates will only come in one width, Standard. For the most part this will fit most skaters. There are some skates that do   come in Narrow, Medium or Wide widths, but this will only be found on higher end skates. After the break in period the standard width will suit  most skaters tho. But those with a very wide or Narrow foot may find it best to have your skate fitted correctly to suit the specific type.



Break in time

Depending on the brand and also the type of leather, Break in times vary. On average after a few skating session and they will be fully broken. On higher end models with stiffer boot types and formable padding, this could be up to 20 hours. This time on the higher end skates can be reduced by having the streched or Heat modeled.