Holiday packing

In two days I’m going on my first holiday abroad, I am so excited! I have a huge trip planned with three of my closest girlfriends to spend one month in Europe. We’ve been planning the trip for the last year and it’s so exciting to be on the home stretch. The last week has been absolutely manic as I’ve been preparing for this trip. I’m a manager at work so I’ve had to undergo a whole heap of handover duties to prepare for my absence. Whatever happens while I’m away won’t be my issue, but I also don’t want to leave my fill-in stuck in the creek without a paddle! I’ve also set up a travel bank card and have ordered an international sim card, so really, I’m good to go. The only thing I think I want to get is some compression socks for the plane. I’ve read some scary things about long haul flights and the risk of them causing blood clots, so I’m going to go on a hunt for compression socks later this afternoon just to be safe. I asked my friends if they wanted me to pick any up on their behalf but they all laughed in my face. They’re all seasoned travellers and seem to believe that the need for compression socks is a myth. I think I’ll trust the advice of my GP over them when it comes to this. 

Later today I will be going to the local foot specialist in Cheltenham for some advice as to what compression socks I should purchase for my flight. The flight to London is going to take approximately twenty-four hours and I’ll have a three-hour stopover. That will be a lot of time sitting down, and according to medical professionals, all that sitting is what can cause blood clots. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Either way, I don’t want my holiday ruined because I’ve got sore legs or need a trip to the doctor. You can never be too careful!