Skate Sharpening Now Available

Skate Sharpening Now Available

So here we are looking at 2016 and thinking how can we make our store better for you. The ringing sound of an idea comes to mind!

What we need is a skate sharpener!

There I am night after night looking and looking…. Researching and getting confused… WOW there is so much to know about such a little process… I never thought there was much that went into sharpening… I thought it was just some little green goblin that just made the skates sharp every time I dropped them off! After days of then finding out, No there is no green goblin that magically sharpens your skates when you drop them off, I got down to business. We found the best machine we could get for what we want. And set to it! That’s right there is a lot of pratice that needs to go into this art form known as skate sharpening.

So to keep you on the ice more and less in the boards or on you butt. We have this new skill down pat. From those countless nights we put into our research and training we have put together a series of helpful information tid-bits over at the Learning Center on the skate sharpening page.





Yep that’s my Partners pretty skates there getting a touch up sharpening, after taking a few falls at training. Great test guinea pigs are family and friends hehe.








We are now able to offer sharpening service and guidance for all ice hockey and figure skates, including the great net minders skates as well! We are able to perform sharpening from the smallest hollow of 1/4″ all the way to 1 1/4″. These sizes accommodate for most styles of skating excluding speed skating as these are not sharpened with a hollow, but are flat. Check out the info @ Learning Center to get an idea of what sharpen you might want or need. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about sharpening @