Fast Hands Hockey Review

Fast Hands Hockey Review

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The Fasthands Hockey training aid has had alot of thought put into, from the design and construction to the intended use.

Design and Construction:

The 5 sided design of Fasthands is simple yet very effective. Having it constructed from solid steel and sturdy welding of the posts, increases the longevity and the function of the product. Unlike some of the competitor products in the market that are made of plastic. The numbers 1-5 are labled on each of the sides to assist with the stickhandling drills. Finishing off the durability of this product is a Power Coating colour finish, this will take a beating and keep going for a long time, No need to worry about rust here!


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The fast hands comes well package with a set of basic drills. There is also the information needed to find all 25 of their recommended drills and video instructions. The design of the 5 sides, all numbered, allows for all age groups to work well with the drills and for easy translation from paper to application. But it’s not just limited to what they have shown you, the drills that you are able to come up with is only limited by your imagination!




Whilst using the Fasthands I was able to see how it was more difficult than I thought it would be. The extra lifting of the stick makes this a lot more challenging, it encourages you to slide your lower hand more. If you are not used to doing this (Like me), it sure make for a great challenge and pushes your skills! This is one of the few multi surface training aids on the market, allowing for use on the ice & off. But with the off ice you’re not just limited to concrete. It can be used on the shooting board / synthic ice , carpet or lino. What’s your favourite off ice training ball or puck? Cause you can use them all with this. We have tried as many different balls and pucks and all of them fit under with no issue on any surface.




Overall Impressions:

This product is a MUST have in your off ice training kit. At $129 from our store these are a great item that will last through all your kids and your training! The simple design with endless versatility and tons of drills, the ability to use on and off the ice. What more can you want? Awesome product, great value and great rewards!



We give this product 4.5 pucks out of 5



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